Diego Maradona clashes with Al Shabab fans after his girlfriend gets harassed in the stands

For a brief moment Diego Maradona’s Greece ’94 crazy eyes could be seen on Thursday night.

Having seen his Al Wasl side – who are already well out the title picture – slump to a 2-nil away defeat at Al Shabab, Maradona’s night worsened when his girlfriend, Veronica Ojeda, was reportedly harassed by a section of Al Shabab fans.

Maradona’s glare was disturbed in the direction of the stands as the final minutes ticked over. When full time was signalled, and having seen Ojeda along with the girlfriend of Al Wasl’s Juan Ignacio Mercier flee from their seats under a barrage of verbal abuse, Diego snapped.

“Even if it was you, if you insulted my family, believe me I will come to your house. Su Casa!” said Maradona in his fiery post match press conference.

Due to an instant influx of bodies on the scene the whole drama was little more than a man-fest with a far bit of jostling, shouting and hand-movements. That said, there was a period when Diego was visibly incensed as he sported cartoonish eye-popping lenses as he raged.

Questions have to be asked about Al Shabab’s supposed VIP area which was so easily flooded with bodies, and how security allowed the situation to get out of control so quickly.

Watch Diego Maradona clash with Al Shabab fans here.