Diego Maradona accused his fiancée of flirting with Man United keeper David De Gea in Dubai [The Sun]

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The front page of The Sun on Friday have a complete non-story story concerning Diego Maradona, his fiancée and Manchester United keeper David De Gea.

The top headline on the tabloid reads “Diego and De Gea’s Dubai ding dong”, while the information provided on the front page informs readers:

Man United goalie David De Gea was last night unwittingly at the centre of a row between Diego Maradona and his fiancée.

Argentinean World Cup winner Maradona met De Gea in Dubai, then reportedly wrongly thought lover Rocío Oliva had flirted with him.

A few more details are provided on The Sun’s website, which has a different headline of “MADadona – Diego in rage at young lover’s de Gea ‘flirting’”.

Diego Maradona reportedly flew into a rage with his young fiancée after becoming wrongly convinced she had FLIRTED with Manchester United’s goalie.

So how did Rocío Oliva allegedly flirt with the United keeper? Apparently she gave him her Twitter handle and mobile phone number. That’s it.

A copy of the front page of Friday’s Sun is below.