Diego Costa explains why he’s chosen to represent Spain over Brazil: ‘Spain has given me everything’ [Video]

It’s official: Diego Costa has chosen to represent Spain in international football, over his homeland and place of birth Brazil.

Given the importance of this life-changing decision, and the stir it’s caused back in Brazil with manager Big Phil Scolari accusing him of turning his back on his country, Costa has articulated his difficult decision to Atletico Madrid’s website, explaining:

I hope people understand and respect my decision because it has been very difficult. It was very difficult to choose between the country where you were born and the country that has given you everything.

I looked at everything and saw that it was right and best to play for Spain because this is where I have done everything. All that I have in my life was given to me by this country.

I have a special affection. Here I feel very appreciated for all that I do and I feel the love of the people.

I hope people understand because it is not something against Brazil. 
I have family in Brazil and it is the country where I was born. I hope that God allows me to live there again in the future.”

Watch Diego Costa’s video explanation on the clip below.

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