Didier Drogba confirms on Instagram that Serey Die was emotional, not crying over death of his father

Serey Die’s emotional rendition of the Ivory Coast national anthem and before the defeat to Colombia has led a life of his own.

A number of people on social media and respected newspapers such as L’Equipe and the Daily Mail, suggested that Die was crying because his father had died two hours before kick off.

This has been brutally discredited by Serey Die on his own Instagram page.

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Later on Thursday, Ivory Coast talisman Didier Drogba confirmed not only that the Serey Die Instagram account is genuine but also that the midfielder was crying through emotion not because of a family bereavement.

Drogba wrote the following message with the picture above, in French, translated into English: “Win or lose football remains a sport that provides Fantastic emotions! @Sereydie once again you were beautiful no matter what people say, when national anthems are only there for those that can understand the strong emotion of this special moment for Côte d’Ivoire for you and your family. .. Proud to know you, the adventure continues, our final is in a few days!! need the support of all African fans facing us is a beautiful football nation in Greece. # # NeverGiveUp staystrong team225 # # # worldcup # teamobv brasil colombia # # # 2-1 focus