Did Zlatan Ibrahimovic mean to assault Dejan Lovren during PSG’s win over Lyon?

“Everyone told me that he did it on purpose. In any case I have a very bad headache. I think it is serious but it is for the commission to do its work.” – Dejan Lovren.

“He did voluntarily, I’m sure. I do not like to see this kind of act.” – Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas.

Super Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is once again embroiled in controversy following an incident late on in the first half of PSG’s 1-0 win over Lyon.

Zlatan clashed with Lyon defender Dejan Lovren, as the latter fell to the ground, Ibrahimovic crashed a boot into his head and stamped on his hand.

Referee Antony Gautier presumably thought it was accidental as he did not hand out even a yellow card. Lovren recovered and played the full 90 minutes.

The fact it came just seconds before Ibrahimovic assisted the only goal of the game simply spread salt into the wounds of Lyon’s defeat.

Make your mind up with the gif above and video below.

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