“Did the prime minister score a couple of goals or not?”

We’ve all done it before, we had a prior engagement but there was a game of football on offer so we made our excuses and went off to play the Beautiful Game. Of course, the key is not to get caught, someone should have told Polish prime minister Donald Tusk.

AP report: Poland’s prime minister has apologized after being caught on tape skipping a parliamentary vote to play football.

The private Polish television station TVN caught Donald Tusk playing football with friends on Thursday night while lawmakers voted on pension plans.

Tusk said Monday “there are no special words to justify” skipping the vote for the match. He apologized and said “it shouldn’t happen, and it won’t happen again.”

Tusk is an avid football fan and plays regularly with friends from his Civic Platform party and from his hometown of Gdansk.

“What was the score?” wondered President Lech Kaczynski, a political rival of Tusk’s. “Did the prime minister score a couple of goals or not?”

Some pictures of Tusk playing footie with his pals can be seen on this video.