Did Santi Cazorla dive to win Arsenal’s first penalty v West Brom?

“No [I haven’t reviewed it]. I am sorry if it was not a penalty but I have spoken to Santi and he said he has been touched and lost his balance. Maybe he made more of it, I don’t know. But he told me just after I came to see you [the press], I asked him the question because I knew you would ask me the question.” – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

“There was zero contact, it wasn’t even close. I am not sure what the referee saw. It was a bad decision for us and obviously changed the shape of the afternoon. It could have been a nervous afternoon for Arsenal, at 0-0 they hadn’t created too much. We knew the longer the game went the more pressure would come on Arsenal and then we would have a chance. That decision changed it.” – West Brom boss Steve Clarke.

This is swiftly turning into the season of the diver.

To the names of Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez we can add Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla who may well have earned himself a reputation for the forseeable future.

Arsenal’s first penalty against West Brom will receive tons of analysis and column inches after Santi Cazorla appeared to go down after zero contact from Steven Reid midway through the first half.

Reid undoubtedly swings but on the replays it is hard to see any contact at all on the Spanish midfielder and there is no doubting the importance of referee Michael Jones’ decision after Arsenal’s recent poor form.

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