Did Nostradamus predict all of Man United’s key transfer activity?

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A graphic is starting to do the rounds which is pretty cool and bizarre, perhaps even prophetic.

Nostradamus was a French apothecary in the 1500s and highly-rated seer who published a number of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide.

He might have only lived for 63 years but a number of the prophecies from Nostradamus have come true in subsequent years.

Manchester United’s Reddit page have published a graphic showing that Nostradamus may well have also predicted how the summer transfer window of 2015 would play out for Louis van Gaal’s side.

Mentioned in some of the Nostradamus prophecies are “Memphis”, a “German prince”, “Robin”, “the cardinal of France” as well as a lot of places around the world that correspond to Manchester United’s transfer activity.

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When its all put together, as shown below, it does look a little quirky. Especially the references to Genoa (Sergio Romero) and Monaco (Anthony Martial).

Whilst the reference to the “female friend to Spain” is just off the charts!

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