Did Lionel Messi throw a punch at Jonathan Vila? (Barcelona 3 – Celta Vigo 1)

After the birth of his son Thiago on Friday night, Lionel Messi prepared for the Nou Camp clash with Celta Vigo by stuffing a dummy down his socks.

Despite being Lionel Messi, with 10 goals in his previous 7 matches, the Barcelona forward failed to score and the pacifier stayed in his socks and may well only be seen in his next game at Celtic on Wednesday in the Champions League.

For proof of the dummy down the socks, see this picture.

Footage has also emerged of a frustrated Lionel Messi, from the win over Celta Vigo, appearing to throw a punch at opposition midfielder Jonathan Vila.

It seems rather unlikely that Messi did throw a punch at an opposing player, it would be the first time in his career this would have ever happened and it was not spotted by any of the officials at the time.

Nevertheless, in the internet age, the video below is beginning to go viral with some suggesting Messi tried to punch Vila after losing control of the ball.

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