Did Homer Simpson prophesize Neymar’s injury v Colombia? [Video]

Last Friday night, Brazil’s golden boy Neymar left the pitch on a stretcher, his World Cup ended by a brutal knee into the back from Colombia’s Juan Zuniga.

Despite the recklessness of the tackle, Zuniga wasn’t sent off, let alone booked.

Was this all prophsized by Homer Simpson?

As Slate have highlighted, the recent World Cup episode of the Simpsons, aired just last April ahead of the tournament, created a scene that was eerily prophetic of Neymar’s injury.

With Homer as referee at the World Cup, Brazil’s ‘El Divo’ – their star man with a penchant for diving – goes down in the box.

Ref Homer examines El Divo’s prone state, and rules ‘No penalty’.

El Divo (Neymar?) is stretchered off, yet Homer remains steadfast in his belief that there was no foul – a bit like how many felt Neymar was playacting after having his spine fractured by Zuniga, deeming it a case of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’….