Did Bayern Munich lose the Champions League final because Anatoliy Tymoschuk touched the trophy?

Its a well known footballers superstition apparently. You simply don’t touch a trophy on the way out from the tunnel before kick off.

Ukranian midfielder Anatoliy Tymoschuk, who played in defence due to suspensions for Bayern Munich against Chelsea in the Champions League final, committed the cardinal sin on Saturday night.

Tymoschuk brought the “curse” on his team mates by touching the trophy on the way out and the “curse of the Champions League” is also well known to fans.

On certain Bayern Munich forums, supporters have called for Tymoschuk to be sold for committing this cardinal sin. In truth the Ukranian was hardly over popular at the Allianz Arena but this seems a little harsh.

Video of Anatoliy Tymoschuk touching the Champions League trophy is here.

A couple of fan videos have emerged from Chelsea’s victorious Champions League final win:

Didier Drogba’s penalty from the Bayern Munich end at the Champions League final.

Gate 17: Chelsea fans view of the Champions League final.