Did a female Hammarby pitch invader display the Nazi salute against Maic Sema?

Finding an answer to the above question has so far proved difficult, and hopefully some of our esteemed Scandinavian followers will be able to shed some extra light onto the following incident.

On Saturday in the Swedish Allsvenskan Hammarby beat fifth-placed Trelleborg 2-1 at home, however one particular incident was flagged up as a female pitch invader appeared to walk up to Hammarby’s Maic Sema and show off the Nazi salute right in front of the player’s face.

The episode began after a ruckus on the pitch between two opposing players brought the match to a standstill as the officials looked to regain order. Suddenly, after following the fracas for a minute or so, the cameras changed focus to pick up on what appeared to be female supporter who had managed to invade the turf as she mingled with the footballers.

All of a sudden the female determinately, and without a hint of elegance, began marching towards Maic Sema. Once face-to-face with the Hammarby number 23, the woman purposefully appeared to stand her ground before throwing up only her right arm in what looked much like a Nazi salute. For his part, a dismayed looking Sema stood hands-on-his-hips as he tried to shrug off the unwanted attention.

Eventually a couple of stewards ran onto the pitch to shepherd the woman off the grass. But in a surprising twist, rather than let the law handle the situation Hammerby’s number eight Fredrik Soderstrom decided to get involved by throwing his arm around the woman and jogging with her towards the side of the pitch.

Footage of what appeared to be a Nazi salute in Sweden can be seen here.

(Apologises for the video quality.)