Detroit City FC had a special halftime show as two supporters got married in the middle of the pitch

An amazing scene played out during the halftime break of Detroit City FC’s 4-0 win over Buffalo last weekend,as two supporters got married in the centre-circle.

With the crowd chanting “Lets get f***ing married!” as smoke bombs were dropped in the stands accompanied by the sound of police sirens, Le Rouge diehards Alex Spawr and Katie Forzley tied the knot in unforgettable fashion.

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The Spawrs, a couple for nearly 11 years since meeting in high school, have been diehard Le Rouge fans since the team’s forming in 2012 and belong to a group of rowdy fans sometimes referred to as “hooligans,” who call themselves the Northern Guard Supporters.

Detroit City FC is a minor league soccer team that plays in the National Premier Soccer League’s Midwest Great Lakes Conference.

Fan video of the ceremony can be seen below.