Didier Deschamps’ apology to Sch….Schweinsteiger

Didier Deschamps’ otherwise innocuous press conference went viral in Germany (200,000 views) last week  after a pronunciation faux pas. The Marseille coach, when listing Bayern Munich’s danger men ahead of OM’s Champions League quarter final against the Bavarian giants, began with ”Lahm, Boateng, Scheissneiger…”.
Schweini’ is probably accustomed to his name being mispronounced, but must have had his attention piqued when he heard himself referred to as ”black sh*t” – the literal translation of Deschamps’ slip-up.

Between mild embarassment and good humour, Deschamps excused himself a few days later, lest ‘Basti’ think it was an intentional remark, the highlight coming when he replies to a journalist, ”And how do you expect me to write to him?!”

Deschamps says he’s working on his pronunciation ahead of the tie. Probably best he just sticks to ‘Basti’ from now on…

Watch Deschamps’ good-humoured apology to Schweinsteiger here (in French)