Depressed Arsenal fan says Gunners won’t win the league, believes Giroud is a waste of time after Palace win

This guy needs a xanax. Badly.

Arsenal are top of the league and defying all pre-season expectations so far this campaign, yet one of their supporters remains completely miserable.

Showing just how out of whack some football fans can be, the good people at ArsenalFanTV interviewed an incredibly depressed Arsenal fan after the North Londoners won 2-0 at Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Having seen his team pick up the three points in a performance that was far from vintage, the fan was completely distraught.

We’re not winning the league. No way. Giroud’s a waste of time. We ain’t winning the league. 

Would Giroud get in the team 10 years ago. Who are we playing today? Where were we in the first half against them? What’s our option B? We ain’t got no option B! Giroud ain’t Arsenal. 

We’ll challenge, but that’s because it’s a poor league this year. I’m depressing me!

Watch the most miserable Arsenal supporter give his appraisal of the team below.