Den Bosch’s players react to the fake sheik sting operation by dressing up as Arabs at training [Picture]

Dutch second divisioners FC Den Bosch are the focus of world football’s attention on Tuesday after a TV show in Holland on Monday night aired a shocking video of club officials openly talking about selling the soul of their club in order to attract an investment from a fake sheik.

While the secret video was shocking and appalling as the football directors seemed open to not only changing the club’s name and kit, but also agreeable to instituting a complete ban on signing any gay players while open to separate entrances for men and women into the ground, the players at Den Bosch have sought to lighten the mood at training on Tuesday by doing a spot of dress up.

In that regard, 26-year-old midfielder Benjamin van den Broek posted an image onto Twitter on Tuesday morning of the players at training with towels on their head as they pretended to act like Arabs.

The picture was uploaded with the message:

We as a group of players are ready for the acquisition @PowNed @MdeGruyter :D #dragonsunited #haha