Deluded or just self-confident? Joey Barton tells Footballers Football Show: ‘I will be a top coach or manager’, without hint of irony!

Sky Sports new and thoroughly enjoyable new programme the Footballers Football Show is making for good television.

Hosted by the always immaculately turned-out David Jones, the intimate faux-fireside setting creates a very conversation-conducive atmosphere, as former and current players casually shoot the shit.

Joey Barton appeared last night, and as he does without fail, provided a brilliant ‘Bartonian’ moment.

When Jones asked him whether he’d fallen out of love with the game, Barton quickly dismissed this, insisting he’ll stay in the game.

And then dropped the bombshell.

He backed up his plans to stay in the game by then stating, completely matter-of-fact and without the slightest hint of irony, ‘I’ll be a top coach or a top manager, without a shadow of a doubt’, which was met with a surreptitious snigger by someone in the studio.

So is Barton completely deluded? On what grounds can someone with his track record, which has seen him reinvent himself only to slip back into his old  habits time and again, genuinely think he will be a ‘top coach or manager?’

Watch Barton’s side-splitting declaration on the clip below.

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