Deja Vu: Bentley does a Nayim, Berbatov spins like Bergkamp & Lampard takes a leaf from Hoddle’s book

Have you recovered yet?

Last night’s Premier League action was arguably one of the greatest night’s in the competition’s history since it’s inception back in 1992. Spurs’ thrilling comeback was without doubt the pinnacle of the evening, but it was far from the only talking point in an action packed Wednesday night that left the nation yearning for a Sunday in which to soak up all the talking points.

While digesting the highlights a sense of deja vu lingers, as many of the standout moments of last night’s football brought back memories of other genius moments in English and European football.

So, was it the best goal in Premier League history? It had all the major components of quick-thinking, inventive strike, that left the keeper back-tracking and clutching at thin air as the ball sailed into the net. Yes, Frank Lampard’s chip at the KC Stadium was a moment of pure class that harked back to the Glenn Hoddle scrapbook and that glorious goal against Watford.

But that’s not to discredit David Bentley’s wonder strike at the Emirates. Although Arsenal fans may not be so gracious, believing the goal to be somewhat of a fortuitous hit and hope, the Gunners should themselves be used to such occurrences, with memories rushing back of Nayim’s goal from the halfway-line that left David Seaman scrambling in vain as Arsenal lost the 1995 Cup Winners Cup final in Paris to Real Zaragoza.

Lastly, Dimitar Berbatov’s spin to set up Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal at Old Trafford last night. It was the type of movement for which the phrase “spun on a sixpence” was coined, as the Bulgarian produced a 180 turn that a ballerina would have been proud of, pirouetting past James Collins to leave the flame-haired Hammer a hapless spectator. While not in the same league, did anyone else get a flashback to Bergkamp’s wonder-turn against Newcastle?

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