Definite contact made: Did Barça’s Neymar headbutt Valencia’s Nicolas Otamendi? [Vine]

Tonight’s La Liga clash between Valencia and Barcelona is a feisty affair, with 5 yellow cards dished out in the first half.

But the biggest flashpoint of the whole game went unnoticed and unpunished, as Neymar risked a red card for an altercation with Nicolas Otamendi.

As Otamendi stood over him shouting at him to get up, Neymar leaned his head into the Valencia defender, and the slo-mo Vine proves that there was definite contact made, as Otamendi’s head clearly jolts backward from the contact.

Was the contact enough to be deemed a ‘headbutt’ though? And to warrant the theatrical reaction?

Even if the contact was minimal, if you lean your head in like Neymar did, you’re asking for a red card.

Thank you!

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