Decimated Dortmund: Only 4 players from last season’s semi-final XI remain/are available for Real Madrid tie

Borussia Dortmund were the hype team last season, the Hipster’s choice par excellence.

The Ruhr club were the very zeitgeist of football, with their thrilling, high-octane football led by Lewandowski, Gotze et al.

Having lost Gotze and with Lewandowski leaving for Bayern in the summer, the wheels have come off the Dortmund wagon, and they’ve lost a bit of that…I don’t know what.

Add to this their mounting injury list (Kuba, Schmelzer, Subotic, Gundogan, Bender) and their quarter-final tie against Real Madrid looks like a mountainous mission: just 4 players from last year’s semi are available or still at the club.


(Credit Reddit User BigBird9719



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