A ridiculously goofy video of Tottenham’s Clint Dempsey playing footy at college is discovered

Top marks go to Deadspin for uncovering an ancient video of Tottenham’s Clint Dempsey goofing about in a football video whilst at university.

Dempsey attended Furman University as a health and exercise major between 2001-2003, and during that period he took part in a comedy footy video with a handful of mates.

Dempsey, who appeared to take the skit a little more seriously than his fellow participants, competed in a silly soccer skills test in which included a keepy-uppy skills round, a test of acrobatic goalscoring abilities and a freestyle football talents round.

The Tottenham man only scooped the bronze award in the competition, having duked it out on the pitch against Richie Cravem, Rhett Abraham and Trey “Sweet feet” Sullivan.

Watch the decade-old video of Clint Dempsey playing footy at university below.