Dead Serious: How a Brazilian goal celebration lead to a mass brawl and seven red cards

Crazy footage from South America, where a meeting between Brasil Pelotas and Ulbra Canoas on Thursday night in the Rio Grande do Sul championship lost all semblance of football match as a mass brawl raged for 15 minutes before order was finally restored.

The melee appeared to kick-off after TV cameras caught Rogerio Pereira celebrating the final goal in Ulbra’s 5-2 away win by heading over to the home supporters and seen making a gesture said to be imitating Claudio Milar (pictured). Milar was one of three Brasil players killed in January when the team bus was involved in an accident.

All hell broke loose.

Pereira was immediately set upon by several Brasil players, the goalscorer receiving a series of kicks and punches as he was outnumbered near the corner flag. Some players were also seen tripped over the advertising hoardings as the initial trouble broke out. Fighting then spread out, with small pockets of trouble popping up all over the pitch, with one of the most amazing sights being that the riot police were clearly visible on the pitch, only to be seen to do nothing to halt the violence which was happening right next to them.

According to reports, Brasil president Elder Lopes was also caught running on the pitch and seen aiming a kick at a player.

Eventually order was restored but only after the referee had sent off four players from Brasil and three from Ulbra.

Footage of the violence can be seen here.