Daylight Robbery: How did Chelsea’s Florent Malouda not win a penalty? (video)

“Malouda was clearly inside. The referee had a perfect view, he was on the vertical part of the line.” – Guus Hiddink.

Cast-iron. Stone-wall. Are you ****ing blind!

Of all the decisions in the Chelsea-Barcelona game, how referee Ovrebo failed to award the Blues a penalty for Dani Alves’ push on Florent Malouda remains an absolute disgrace.

To recap for any late-comers, having delightfully controlled a high ball close to the touchline the French winger drove purposefully into the box, looking to add a second after Essien’s opening thunderbolt. Yet, as Malouda arrived in the danger area and sought to cut inside his marker, Alves body-checked the Chelsea number 15, leaving his victim crest-fallen on the turf.

Had Ovrebo just waved away the calls for a penalty, the result would have been that a contentious decision would have simply been left up for debate. But that is not what happened, as the man in black blew his whistle, only to cowardly refuse to point to the spot, opting to award a foul on the edge of the box for the incident.

It was an unforgivable mistake of fact, rather than opinion.

The Florent Malouda penalty-shout can be seen here.