David De Gea says ‘the whole world knows’ his good friend Chicharito is a goalscorer (Video)

david de gea speaks about Chicharito, nov 2015

The fax machine debacle a distant memory, David De Gea has been a key player for Manchester United this season.

It could have been an awkward situation for the goalkeeper at Old Trafford but Louis van Gaal welcomed him back with open arms. De Gea is grateful for this and had nothing but praise for the boss in a recent interview.

However, his comments about Javier Hernandez would insinuate that he doesn’t believe the Dutchman is the most rational manager in the world. Chicharito was sold without ever being given a chance under van Gaal.

He’s performing brilliantly for Bayer Leverkusen and it’s to nobody’s surprise, especially not De Gea’s. He says that ‘the whole world’ knows Chicharito is a goalscorer. The kind of player goal-shy United need, he doesn’t say.

Hear De Gea talking about how he stays in touch with a good friend and a marvellous person in the video below. Plus, see how Bayer Leverkusen reacted to De Gea’s comments in the tweet underneath that video.