David Cameron backs Tottenham fans who call themselves “Yids”, says its not hate speech [Jewish Chronicle]

The London Jewish Chronicle have claimed an exclusive on Thursday, drawing British Prime Minister David Cameron head first into the debate over whether Tottenham fans should be entitle to use the word “Yids”.

Despite strong campaigning from the FA and Jewish groups to ban the word Yids from football, the British Prime Minister doesn’t believe the term is a cut an dry case.

David Cameron fleshed out the grey area to the Jewish Chronicle saying:

You have to think of the mens rea. There’s a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult.

You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted — but only when it’s motivated by hate.

Mr. Cameron’s comments challenge new guidance issued last week by the FA which suggested that fans using the term could be liable to criminal charges.

Last Saturday  it took just three minutes for White Hart Lane to reverberate to chants of “Yiddo,” “Yid Army” and “we’ll sing what we want!”

Moreover, when Christian Eriksen’s departed from the fray against Norwich, the young Dane was greeted with “Yiddo” chants, and a video of that can be seen below.