David Busst, Henrik Larsson, Djibril Cisse and now Real Sociedad’s Diaz de Cerio (as the coach gets smacked by a bottle)

If you are eating your Sunday morning breakfast we advise you to stop. And if you know you are squeamish don’t look.

Last night’s Spanish second division match between Real Sociedad and Eibar was another absolutely crazy game, in which Diaz de Cerio suffered a horrific injury for the hosts when he chased down keeper Manu Herrera who was forced to deal with a backpass.

To see what happened, watch here.

A pic of the gruesome injury can be seen here.

But de Cerio’s injury was only half the story of the match. With the game goalless heading into injury time after the regulation 90 minutes were up, the match was suspended when home coach Juan Manuel Lillo, who had just been red-carded, was hit on the head by a bottle thrown from the stands.

The bottle-throwing incident can be seen here.