David Beckham’s top 10 viral videos (Comedy moments & adverts)

Whilst we enjoyed putting together David Beckham’s best goals list, the fact is Goldenballs was far more than just a football player.

Although perhaps not world class, Beckham was a superb player, especially at Manchester United and in latter years with his head as his legs began to go.

But, thanks to his good looks and charm (despite being a pretty awful public speaker) Beckham remains a marketing man’s dream.

Beckham has partaken in some classic adverts, comedy clips and moments during his football career, below are some of the best videos we could remember.

David Beckham as a 12-year-old on Thames Television

David Beckham & Victoria interviewed by Ali G, 2001

David Beckham & co. take on sumo wrestlers

David Beckham & Ryan Giggs take the worst free-kick together

James Corden meets the England team

David Beckham & Jonny Wilkinson Adidas advert

David Beckham trick shots on the beach

David Beckham goes undercover on Ellen

David Beckham as James Bond at the Olympics

David Beckham H&M advert

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