David Beckham was going to invite Fergie to manage his Miami MLS franchise, until being disappointed by book criticism [Video]

Of all the consequences Fergie would have been anticipating from the backlash of his book, kissing goodbye to the chance of a semi-retirement in Miami definitely wouldn’t have been one of them.

But as Becks responded to Fergie’s pretty damning book criticism of his obsession with fame, that’s just what he revealed: that he was going to invite his former mentor to manager his new MLS franchise.

But having heard what he had to say about him, Becks no longer thinks that would be such a good idea.

Not in any vengeful or spiteful way though: Becks is magnanimous about what Fergie had to say about him, and declined the chance to ‘hit back’, preferring to turn the other cheek and be the bigger man.

It’s notable that all of Fergie’s victims to have had their right of reply have shown more maturity than the old war horse, all the more so when you consider they’re half his age.

Fergie could learn a thing or two about maturity from them.

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