David Beckham sticks up for “honest” Thierry Henry (video)

Perhaps Becks will want to review his position after seeing the incident for himself.

On Thursday, with the MLS Cup final just around the corner, baying journalists flocked around David Beckham at the of the LA Galaxy’s training session to quiz the Englishman on a host of topics, including Henry’s handball from the night before.

Beckham was quick to announce that he had yet to see the handball as he missed the game because he was picking his kids up from school. That said, Goldenballs said “Thierry’s a good person… he’s a good friend of mine… he’s a good, honest person.”

David Beckham’s defence of Henry can be seen here.


By contrast, when the same topic was posed to Burnley keeper Brian “the Beast” Jensen, the goalie, who watched both playoff matches and called France “the worst team I’ve seen in a long time… they got away with murder,” called out Henry saying “if he didn’t do it on purpose… blah blah blah… my BLEEP!… they’re cheats!”

Brian Jensen’s forthright comments can be heard here.