David Beckham scores free-kick, aims shot at injured player & involved in a melee with a mascot (San Jose Earthquakes 4 – LA Galaxy 3)

The spectre of Stuart Pearce’s decision to omit David Beckham hung heavy over the MLS encounter between San Jose Earthquakes and LA Galaxy on Saturday night as Goldenballs had a more than eventful match.

San Jose Earthquakes’ 4-3 win over LA was a true MLS classic and whilst Beckham will no doubt receive all the attention, the home side produced a stunning comeback from 3-1 down and this game is real proof of the excitement generated in American soccer, in front of over 50,000 supporters.

David Beckham’s first major involvement in the “California Clasico” came on the half hour as Goldenballs whipped home a trademark free-kick to level the score at 1-1. Video here:

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From then on in, with Beckham seemingly having stuck two fingers up at his Team GB snub, LA raced into a 3-1 lead at half-time with Landon Donovan scoring against his old club.

But, San Jose have made a name for themselves this season with fine comebacks and just after the hour, after three unanswered goals, were 4-3 to the good.

LA pushed hard, created some fine chances, but couldn’t score and in injury time David Beckham’s frustration came to the boil as Sam Cronin lay injured on the floor in the San Jose penalty area.

Incredibly, Beckham aimed not one but two shots at the prone Cronin who was lying next to the referee and after the second one hit its target, the former England captain earned a yellow card.

Besides the fact Beckham should probably have been sent off, he will now face a suspension for the accumulation of yellow cards this season. See that incident here:

And that wasn’t all, as seconds later the final whistle went and Beckham then got involved in a melee with a host of players from both sides and the San Jose mascot.

The post-game meleee is after the jump. Followed by Gifs of both incidents from the end of the match.