David Beckham (PSG) shown straight red card for a controversial foul on Evian’s Youssef Adnane

Goldenballs has yet to score in Ligue 1, and now he may never get the chance.

With just four more games left in the French league season, David Beckham may now have kicked his final ball for PSG after the Englishman received a straight red card at Evian on Sunday night.

PSG were a goal up and a man down before Beckham had his flare up.

Looking to win possession, Beckham, who came on as a late substitute, was shown a straight red for a foul on Youssef Adnane, however whether Beckham’s behaviour deserved a dismissal was debatable.

On the one hand Goldenballs did throw out an aggressive leg in Adnane’s direction which caused the Evian midfielder to dive to the floor. However did Beckham actually touch his opponent? Any contact was far from crystal clear.

Watch David Beckham’s red card at Evian below.