David Beckham discusses Miami MLS Franchise issues (team name, stadium, attracting people) in Google Hangout

Fresh from his press conference announcing the arrival of a Miami-based franchise to the MLS, David Beckham took to Google Plus for a hangout with curious Miami-ites who want to know more.

Becks fielded questions from the all-male panel on the outstanding issues that still need to be ironed out before the whole thing is set in stone: the team name, the stadium – size, location; and how to attract fans in a primarily basketball city.

Becks handled the polite grilling well as he always does, with a dashing smile and charisma that did half the job for him.

Becks to his credit appears to have really done his homework, and never came unstuck on any of the issues, showing himself open and honest on the very important issues that need to be resolved before the Miami project can be fully realised.

Watch Becks’ Miami franchise Google Hangout on the clip below.