Danny Allsopp flattens Sydney FC manager John Kosmina

The holiday season in Australia witnessed an amazing match between the Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC, with the home side turning around a 2-nil deficit incurred within the opening 240 seconds to win 3-2.

And the defeat hit Sydney FC manager John Kosmina hard. Literally.

After six minutes of play and having seen his side concede twice, Melbourne striker Danny Allsopp tried to get onto the end of a hoofed ball forward around the halfway line. The ball had too much pace on it for the striker to make contact, eventually running out of play towards the make-shift Sydney dug-out that was basically a series of plastic chairs lined up just behind the touchline.

Standing on the touchine, Sydney manager John Kosmina watched the ball roll past him out of play, only for Danny Allsopp’s momentum to carry him over the line, straight into the opposition manager, flattening the coach so that he fell embarrassingly on the floor.

The incident can be seen here.

Sadly for John Kosmina this is not the first time the manager has found himself pushed to the ground. Back in 2006 Melbourne skipper Kevin Muscat controversially collided with Kosmina at the Telstra Dome when he was in charge of Adelaide United. That incident witnessed a violent response from Kosmina, who grabbed Muscat around his throat as the two faced-off against each other. (The incident can be seen here.)

Thankfully for Kosmina, he acted with far more restraint on this occasion. However, although the manager kept his emotions in check at the time, since the match the Sydney boss has publicly criticised Allsopp for his behaviour, opening a war of words by claiming that the incident was deliberate from the forward.

John Kosmina’s rant against Allsopp, and highlights of a magical game, can be seen here.