Daniel Sturridge replaces Luis Suarez on Liverpool kit promotion poster at Anfield

Daniel Sturridge may have enjoyed a fruitful relationship on the pitch with Luis Suarez last season, but in 2014/2015 it very much looks like the former will be replacing the latter.

Sturridge is very much Liverpool’s main striker this coming season and looks set to take on much of the responsibility following the Uruguayan’s departure.

Whether up front on his own or in tandem with Rickie Lambert, expect Sturridge to get the goals and provide support for the midfield, as Suarez did to such devastating effect.

And, for the Liverpool marketing team, it appears that Sturridge has replaced Suarez in other ways as well.

There was much surprise before Liverpool’s friendly rout of Borussia Dortmund on Sunday, that there was still a very visible reminder of Luis Suarez at Anfield.

The Uruguayan striker, long since left for Barcelona in one of the summer’s biggest moves, was featured on the Liverpool kit promotion banner alongside Steven Gerrard and Phil Coutinho.

Now a new picture has emerged, see above, showing how Daniel Sturridge replaced Luis Suarez on the kit promotion poster at Anfield.