Dads Shouldn’t Dance: John Carew posts a dance video online with 9-year-old son Tyrese

It’s been a busy few months for John Carew.

Back in January we reported on how Carew, 33, who has been without a club since he was released by West Ham last summer, got an acting job in Canada where he held a decapitated head.

Since then Carew was involved in a bungled move to Inter Milan, with the Norwegian international failing his medical at the San Siro.

Back to being unemployed, the sometimes Scandinavian model now appears to being trying to propel himself as the leader of a new dance craze, posting a video online along with his son Tyrese of the duo performing the The New Azonto.

Prediction: This isn’t gonna be the new Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake.

Watch John Carew provide evidence that dad’s shouldn’t dance below.