So Cute! Josh Turnbull’s run & finish in front of Chelsea’s Matthew Harding stand

It was so good even retiring Paulo Ferreira paused his farewell speech at Chelsea to allow the moment to play out.

During Chelsea’s end of season celebrations after a 2-1 win over Everton on Sunday, a wonderful moment played out in front of the Matthew Harding stand as Josh Turnbull, son of Blues’ goalie Ross Turnbull, scored a goal.

The pint-size child, decked out in a full Chelsea kit, adoringly wobbled his way from outside the box towards the goalline before eventually getting the ball into the net.

As the mini Turnbull got closer and closer to the net, the noise from the Chelsea fans steadily rose, and the supporters let out a brilliant cheer once the goal was finally converted.

Watch Josh Turnbull’s solo run and finish in front of Chelsea’s Matthew Harding stand below.