Cut-Throat: Deniz Naki (St. Pauli) provokes Rostock fans with an unsavoury gesture

The German football federation has been called to action this Tuesday following the second division Bundesliga match between Hansa Rostock and St. Pauli in which Deniz Naki was caught making an offensive gesture during the trouble-marred match.

The match, which St. Pauli won 2-nil, was initially interrupted for three minutes after St. Pauli’s fans set off flares after their team had bagged the opener during the first half.

With the atmosphere heavily charged, Naki then inflamed the situation further after the midfielder netted the second goal for the visitors. In a hugely provocative manner, after scoring Naki turned to the home fans to make a blatant cut-throat gesture by running his finger across his throat. Although the incident was missed by the match officials TV cameras caught everything.

The trouble continued after the game as police were forced to use water-cannons and arrest 23 fans in violent clashes.

Matches between St Pauli and Rostock have been overshadowed by violence for the past years. Some 500 officers were on hand for Monday’s game.

Footage of Deniz Naki’s provocative cut-throat gesture can be seen here, while a report into the post-match trouble can be seen here.

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