Culture Clash? Pep Guardiola got pissed with German journo who persisted in asking him about Tito Vilanova

Was this the first moment of culture clash between Pep Guardiola and his newly adopted German home?

At the end of Bayern’s 2-0 friendly win over Barcelona on Wednesday, Guardiola gave a brief pitchside interview to an eager German TV journo from Sky Germany.

But instead of asking him about the match, the talking head rather shamelessly got straight to the ‘juicy’ stuff, asking him about Tito Vilanova (ill with cancer).

Pep replied cordially to the first question, explaining, ”Naturally it’s a difficult situation for everyone who loves him; but our relationship stays between us.’

But the journo wasn’t satisfied with that, and continued insensitively with the matter, asking, ”Is there anything you can do for him? Have you contacted him?”

Pep, clearly irked and uncomfortable now, made it clear he wouldn’t be discussing Vilanova any further, telling him ”That’s the third question about this subject, it’s not normal. We’re here to talk about football,” and with that left his interlocutor to ponder his tactless questioning.

Such forthright questioning on such a sensitive subject certainly wouldn’t be common in Spain, and the Sky journo’s (and Germany’s) distance from Tito Vilanova, i.e. not knowing him, clearly contributed to his clumsy questioning.

Pep will be hoping this was just a stupid journo, and not a reflection of German media…

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