Crowd trouble as Dinamo Zagreb fans hurl flares at Udinese

Dinamo Zagreb fans are well known for their Ultra tendencies, and last night during their UEFA Cup match with Udinese, the Croatian fans played up to their reputation by causing the match to be held up as they hurled numerous flares on the pitch.

Despite the existence of a running track surrounding the playing field at Udinese’s Friuli stadium, the Dinamo fans managed to get reach great distances with their flares, with one flare travelling around 40-yards as it fell close to the players who were standing dazed on the pitch. So bad was the disturbance that the referee had no option but to withdraw the players back to the dressing rooms, while order was restored in the stands.

After the match Dinamo coach Marijan Vlak told reporters “I don’t have words (to explain it) … at the time we were doing well.”

Eye-witness footage of the Dinamo fans throwing flares can be seen here.

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