Cristiano v Zlatan: The European World Cup play-off draw pits 2 of the world’s best players against each other

The unavoidable theme to emerge from the World Cup play-off draw this morning is that of two of the world’s best players facing off, as Portugal were drawn to play Sweden.

= Zlatan Ibrahimovic VS Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s part fascinating, part intriguing, and part cruel: one of these greats will not be going to Brazil, which means Greece v Romania leaves a bit of a bitter taste, but such is the luck of the draw.

Who will go through from each tie? It’s an evil question, but which of the two greats would you rather see in Brazil?

Below is the draw in full:

Portugal v Sweden,

Ukraine v France,

Greece v Romania

Iceland v Croatia.

The first legs will be played on November 15 with the returns on November 19.