Cristiano Ronaldo’s new haircut was to match the scar of a young fan who had just undergone brain surgery


In March we reported how Cristiano Ronaldo had donated 60,000 euros so that 10-month old Erik Ortiz Cruz could undergo brain surgery.

See: Quality! Cristiano Ronaldo pays for operation of sick child with cortical dysplasia [AS].

Reports during the USA v Portugal match have now revealed that the zig-zag shaved into Ronaldo’s head for the World Cup encounter was to match the scar that Erik Ortiz Cruz now has after his surgery.

Considering how selfish Cristiano Ronaldo can be on the field, as illustrated against Team America, this story is starting to do the rounds to show that the Real Madrid star is a selfless character off the pitch.

It should be noted that the reports claiming Ronaldo’s haircut was to match the scar of the youngster with brain surgery have emerged on Twitter which has been the source of a fair few incorrect World Cup myths up until now.

The official World Cup account on Instagram put the haircut down as showing the number seven.

The tag line on the picture below is: “7: a shirt number, but also the number of games @cristiano wants to play at this #WorldCup. Barbers will be asked for this around the world tomorrow! #Portugal #Copa2014”

We would like to believe the hair cut was to match the scar of young Erik Ortiz Cruz…