Ronaldo’s Dodgers visit: Juggling a baseball, practicing hitting, a girlie pitch & Samuel L. Jackson

Cristiano Ronaldo had an eventual Wednesday night at Dodgers Satdium.

The Portuguese superstar is currently Stateside with his Real Madrid colleagues ahead of their summer tour in America, and Ronaldo was invited as a guest to the Los Angeles Dodgers match against the New York Yankees.

At the baseball match, Ronaldo was far more than a mere bystander.

After practicing his hitting skills, Ronaldo was eventually rolled out onto the baseball pitch where he showed off his juggling skills with Dodgers batter Yaseil Puig.

Perhaps the funniest part of Ronaldo’s trip came when the Real Madrid striker was asked to throw out the first ceremonial pitch at the game, as Cristiano threw a rather girlie pitch.

There was also time for Ronaldo to have a picture with famous US actor Samuel L. Jackson.

A series of videos chronicling Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dodgers visit can be seen below.