Cristiano Ronaldo & Zinedine Zidane jokes & memes sweep the internet after Barcelona 1 – Real Madrid 2

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There seems little doubt about who the big winners were from Real Madrid’s 2-1 El Clasico win over Barcelona on Saturday night at the Nou Camp.

Leaving aside the fact that Atletico Madrid now appear to be firmly in the La Liga title race again, from a Real Madrid perspective it was a superb night for Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

As Rafa Benitez found to his cost, losing El Clasico matches can be costly for Real Madrid managers, so Zizou has got off to the perfect start in these fixtures.

And, whether by design or not, it felt like the Real Madrid stars were playing for Zidane and that his tactics did come off.

After all, how often are Leo Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar nullified in such a manner!

The other big Real Madrid winner was Cristiano Ronaldo. Karim Benzema may have scored a fantastic equaliser and Gareth Bale been denied a perfectly good winner by the referee, but it was the Portuguese superstar who won the match.

And, Ronaldo scored the winner at Barcelona against the Spanish and European champions. Which means no one can accuse him of scoring against weak teams…

See how the internet reacted with the best of Barcelona 1 – Real Madrid 2, Ronaldo and Zidane jokes and memes, below…

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