Cristiano Ronaldo reaches his 101 Great Goals

“I am the first, the second and the third best player in the world. But there are other good candidates like Kaka, (Lionel) Messi and Fernando Torres. I think I did everything that is necessary to win and I want to continue doing even more. My aim is to win everything that is front of me.” – Cristiano Ronaldo.

He may be arrogant, but the Portuguese winger has good reason to be full of himself at the moment having ratcheted up 101 goals for Manchester United last weekend against Stoke. Happily YouTuber “cr7ladyproductions” proves that Cristiano Ronaldo’s fanbase is not reduced to a membership of one, compiling a complete montage of all of Ronaldo’s 101 goals scored for Manchester United.

The collection is split into three parts, and can be seen here, here and here.

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