Cristiano Ronaldo had to dump gum in his fancy suit pocket at the 2011 Ibero-American Sports Awards

This week Cristiano Ronaldo received the Best Ibero-American Athlete award at the 2011 Spanish National Sports Awards ceremony, but the moments leading up to the trophy award shone the light on Ronaldo for not-so classy behaviour.

As the crowd settled for the presentation of the award of the evening, it suddenly dawned on Ronaldo that he was still chewing gum.

With Del Bosque shutting down any chance of a dash out the picture to sort himself out, Ronaldo found himself left with one option.

After slickly removing the gum from his chops with his hand, Ronaldo dumped the soggy confectionary in his smart suit trousers and moments later he was shaking hands to lift his award.

Watch Ronaldo’s gum-dump escapade below.

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