Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale compete for Winter Jacket market on social media


With winter just around the corner in Spain (and it gets pretty cold in Madrid), shops are beginning to roll out their winter wear and pack away the beachwear for a few months.

And that means we’ll be seeing fresh advertising not just from high street shops, but the celebrities who endorse their brands and products.

This morning, Wales star Gareth Bale published a picture endorsing Adidas’ new winter jacket collection – and has even gone so far as to change his profile and cover photos, leaving his account looking like a homage to Adidas.

Just an hour later, his Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo published a tweet linking to Nike’s Facebook, which shows their own range of winter clothing.

Considering the widespread belief that the pair compete against each other at Madrid rather than collaborating together (a notion that was only exacerbated by Bale’s agent this week), it was interesting to see that they’re even competing for the winter jacket market.