Crazy scenes: Alexandre Carioca (Aguia) arrested after hitting Aldivan (Remo) with an iron bar

With the state championships taking place in Brazil during this time of year, we are often inundated with crazy clips but this one is a real shocker.

Confusion erupted during the Campeonato Paraense match between Aguia and Remo on Sunday as the game was halted due to a scuffle between both sets of players in the second half.

In the ensuing melee, Alexandre Carioca, a substitute of Aguia, picked up an iron bar and smacked it down on the back of Remo’s Aldivan, in a scene more familiar to fans of violent sports.

Aldivan, the Remo left back, fell to the floor immediately and was transported to hospital. Carioca meanwhile was sent off, despite not appearing in the match and the police had to use pepper spray to calm down the players.

Five red cards were shown in total and Aguia won the match 2-0. Latest reports from Brazil suggest Aldivan will not be pressing charges.

The point of impact takes place just before the 30 second mark on the video below – be sure to keep an eye out for Aldivan who bends down in the bottom left hand corner of the picture.

Footage of Alexandre Carioca hitting Aldivan with an iron bar is here.