Crazy goal from Italy: Favasuli Favasuli (Cavese) vs Juve Stabia

A mad goal for you to see from this weekend’s match in the third tier of Italian football between Juve Stabia and Cavese.

With the goalless match just seconds into the second half, Cavese’s Francesco Favasuli received the ball tight on the left-hand touchline with the winger looking to send a cross into the mixer. Had the winger looked up before releasing the ball, instead of having his head focused on his feet, he may have noticed that not a single teammate was in the box should his cross prove successful.

But then we would never had been able to witness one of the best freak goals of the season.

Getting underneath the ball similar to a golfer looking to chip the ball out of the rough, Favasuli sent the ball dizzily high into the air, making the trajectory of the ball almost impossible to pick up. Brilliantly, the Juve Stabia keeper was seen helplessly starring at the ball as it drifted from left to right before the incredible happened.

Francesco Favasuli’s amazing/freak goal against Juve Stabia can be seen here.

(Cheers to James Horncastle from Football Italia for the story.)