Crazed Cameroon striker John Negodi attacks rival fans in Iran (video)

After we brought you the story of fans bombing footballers in Brazil, sadly we have yet another incident of crazy football violence from the last few days in world football to report.

Last weekend saw Payam Khorasan travel to Tarbiat Mashhad in a second division match in Iran, a match which Payam lost 1-nil, yet the big news after the full-time whistle surrounded the crazed violent behaviour of little known Cameroonian striker John Negodi.

Details are a little sketchy as to what sparked Negodi’s fuse after the match, but with his blood clearly boiling and his rage fever-pitch the striker was caught on camera violently assaulting several people in the middle of the pitch.

As reported by DigitalJournal, “Negodi is seen throwing punches at bystanders, although most of the punches miss their mark. When officials attempted to escort him off the pitch, he then ran after a man in the middle of the field, head-butting him and then shaking free from police to attack another man. He looked angry enough to attack anyone within sight. A few moments after Negodi chased the man mid-field, he is then corralled by officials and taken off the pitch. It is unclear if Negodi will face any charges or suspensions from his league.”

Footage of Negodi’s one-man rampage can be seen here.

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