Corinthians midfielder Petros banned for 6 months after pushing a referee

Corinthians won 1-0 at Santos earlier this month in what was incidentally Robinho’s first game back at his childhood club.

At the time, footage of Corinthians midfielder Petros pushing over referee Raphael Claus went viral in Brazil as many wondered whether it was on purpose.

On Monday, a sports tribunal in Brazil ruled that Petros should be banned for a whopping six months for pushing Claus.

This comes as a huge blow to Corinthians who are third in Brazil’s Serie A, five points behind leaders Cruzeiro.

Petros initially claimed it was unintentional but then admitted how he was frustrated by how Claus had blocked one of his team mates when the score was at 0-0 in an important match for Corinthians.

Six months seems harsh to us. Corinthians are set to appeal the six-month ban.

Was Petros pushing the referee worse than Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini?

Or should we be looking for another example to go on?